Ready To Take The Next Step?

If you have tried the traditional college route and did not enjoy studying for hundreds of hours on end, you may be looking for an alternative schooling experience. Today, many jobs are looking for experience and education on the resumes of their applicants. Gaining experience in your field can be extremely difficult if you have spent the last four years at a traditional university while pursuing a college degree. If traditional college was not the right fit for you and you want hands-on experience in your field, you should look into attending a beauty school. Most beauty schools are more of a technical learning experience, meaning you will have a chance to practice your trade in a hands-on manner while gaining hours that go towards your trade certification.

Applying to the beauty school of your choice can be an intimidating experience at first. Although no two beauty schools are the same, there are a few specific things that nearly all beauty schools are looking for. If you are applying to a beauty school through their website, you will be asked to fill out an online application that gives the school basic information about you and your intent with the program. Another thing you will likely be asked to do is complete a general assessment that tests your basic computer skills and broad knowledge of the discipline. A high school diploma or a GED is required to apply to a beauty school because it is technically a higher education experience. While you are completing the application process, you will be asked to complete a section about financial aid. If you need financial aid, you are not automatically disqualified from being admitted into the program. When you notify the school that you are in need of receiving financial aid, you are taking your financial situation into your own hands. 

When you are applying to a beauty school program, it is important to keep your ultimate goal in mind. If you are looking to become an aesthetician, it is crucial that you apply to a beauty school program that will support your end goal while providing you with a high-quality technical experience. A traditional college experience is not the right fit for everyone, especially if you are skilled in doing hair, makeup, or nails. When you receive an education from a beauty school, you will become a skilled professional who can help your clients feel beautiful every day.

Reach out to a local beauty school to learn more.